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8 oz clear plastic bottles with adjustable white ribbed sprayers (12-PACK)

8 oz clear plastic bottles with adjustable white ribbed sprayers (12-PACK)

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Bottle Color Clear
Bottle Material 
PET - #1 plastic
Sprayer Color White
Sprayer Material PP - #5 plastic
Bundle Size 12


These reusable clear PET plastic spray bottles can be used for room mist, cleaner, water spray, sanitizer solution, liquid sunscreen, bug repellant, and more!

Great for product launches, home and office organizing, homemade gifts, and DIY projects. 


  • 8 oz clear PET plastic round bottle with 28-410 neck finish
  • Measurement is in fluid ounces (fl oz)
  • PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate (the plastic marked with the #1)


  • White plastic 28-410 ribbed skirt spray/stream/off nozzle trigger sprayer with bottle-length dip tube (0.8 - 1 cc output)
  • This product is listed just as "plastic" because it contains several types of plastic. This sprayer contains PP, LDPE, HDPE, STN, STL, and glass materials. 
Container diameter: 2.0625 in.
Height of bottle with sprayer: 8.0 in.

Additional Info:

  • SAFE MATERIAL: These empty bottles are made of PET plastic, and the adjustable trigger sprayers are made of a safe plastic blend. Both products are BPA-free, non-toxic, and odor-free. 

  • ADJUSTABLE: This trigger sprayer has three settings: spray, stream, and off. The adjustability of the dispensing setting makes this bundle a great fit for many spray products. 

  • LEAK RESISTANT: The tight fit helps protect against product leakage. These sprayers are specially designed to dispense thin liquids easily, in either a mist or a stream, without causing leakage or drippage during use. When in the "OFF" position, these sprayers offer short-term leak resistance when the product is on its side or inverted. It is recommended that you test your product with this container and sprayer to find out how leak resistance is impacted by the unique properties and viscosity of your product. When possible, it is best to store filled containers upright to help prevent eventual seepage. 

  • WIDE RANGE OF USES:  Use these when repackaging or making your own room sprays, cleaners, liquid sanitizers, and more. This bundle is great to test or launch a new product, reorganize a room, create a gift, or do a DIY project. Great for use in kitchen, bathroom, cleaning closet, garage, classroom, office, or apartment. 


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